ConEmu – An advanced Windows terminal replacement

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A must-have tool for sysadmins and developers

ConEmu replaces your ugly standard Windows terminal application with a highly configurable instrument which offers features that you haven't even though of yet.

User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

If you are a system administrator or a developer, you often run a bunch of tasks in terminal windows. Tired of the standard Windows terminal app ugliness and lack of features? ConEmu is the ultimate solution to this. Tabbed interface (open multiple terminal tabs in the same window), color schemes, advanced support forĀ  popular shells and much more… If you use at least 10% of ConEmu functionality, consider yourself a hacker.

The program registers itself as a terminal and when you run a new console app, it opens a new tab in ConEmu.

ConEmu comes with a plugin for Far Commander that uncovers all its advanced functionality. Here you can see a Far Commander tab in ConEmu with “Solarized” color scheme enabled:

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